Organic meat does tend to be more expensive than meat that is farmed conventionally but many people do not realise the true cost of non-organic food to people and the planet (for example due to the use of harmful chemicals in fertilisers and pesticides).
It is more expensive because production is lower and slower as artificial fertilisers are not used to boost production. Also, it takes more time to raise 100% grass-fed cattle, so they have to be fed and looked after for longer.
Organic food producers also have to pay for certification and keep detailed records to prove that the meat has been produced by them alone and without any chemicals. This is to ensure the customer gets what they pay for, but it makes the administration and production of the food more expensive. We also use a small, traditional abattoir and a small local butcher so our animals do not travel too far. Large scale production may be cheaper but the hidden costs of extra travel and loss of short supply chains are not considered.