How Is Our Meat Healthier?

Other farms mainly provide their animals with rye grass, chosen for its high production levels when artificial nitrates are applied but grazing on rye grass alone leads to less nutritious meat and makes the animals more susceptible to disease.

Pure ‘grass-fed’ does not actually mean that our animals are just fed on an unhealthy monoculture of grass. Whilst they are not fed grains or other manufactured feeds, their diet is far from boring!

In fact, we aim for as much plant diversity as possible in their diet. They have access to a wide range of different plants in our herb and wildflower-filled meadows that are surrounded by hedgerows and trees that the animals can also browse.

This rich diet is good for the animals’ nutrition and helps them stay healthy. Trees such as willow are a rich source of salicylic acid – a natural medicine found in the countryside.

“The richly varied and natural diet enjoyed by our animals dramatically improves the quality of the meat they produce, because it is packed with nutrients and flavour.”


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