Why Pasture-Fed?

Our farm has been certified pasture-fed by Pasture For Life, which means that during all stages of their lives, our animals have grazed purely on grass and other plants.

They have not been fed grain or manufactured feed at any time.

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Pasture-fed animals produce meat that is nutritionally superior and better for human consumption.

Studies show that it contains higher amounts of Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids like Conjugated Linoleic Acid, vitamins and antioxidant nutrients that are critical to maintaining good human health (Source: Pasture for Life).

Our meat is packed with vitamin A and E and antioxidants like carotenoids that come from the leafy greens our animals graze on.

It’s wasteful to feed unnecessary grains to ruminant animals.

Pure pasture-fed certified animals are not fed concentrates or grain at any stage. As ruminants, they are able to digest leafy plants and do not need grains. Other farms that are not certified may state that their animals are grass-fed when in fact the grass only makes up a portion of the animal’s diet.

The vast majority of beef animals are fed on grain to fatten them more quickly so they can be slaughtered sooner. In addition, pregnant ewes are routinely fed on concentrates in a non-grass-fed system.

Producing grain and concentrates to feed to animals which don’t need them means an unnecessary use of fossil fuels in growing and processing these crops.

In addition, feeding grain to ruminants is an unnecessary waste of food that could instead be consumed by humans or other animals that can’t digest cellulose. This means it is harder to meet the world’s food demands.

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Pasture-fed animals are healthier animals.

‘Pasture-fed animals are less stressed, live longer and are more fertile than those farmed intensively.’

(Source: The Soil Association).

After all, they are eating what they are naturally designed to eat.


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